Who doesn't love the citrus smell of orange scented candles?  Well if you are looking for some sweet and spicy soy orange ? Our Orange & Chili Pepper offers a sweet citrus aroma with notes of orange, lemon, pineapple and black pepper for a tangy a loveable fragrance. This was created using high quality soy wax and natural essential oils to create the perfect blend of sweet and spicy aromas. With a subtle vanilla base, you’re sure to enjoy hints of lemongrass and musk when you light these soy orange. Purchase your Orange & Chili Pepper today!


If you are looking for fancy soy candles that provide that unique gift for that special someone, you have come to the right place.


Burn Time: Approximately 60 Hours
Material: Tinplate
Dimensions: Diameter 3.66", Height 2.36"



Orange & chili pepper - Candle